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As part of the Koda family, FOUND leans on furniture foundations and experience that has lasted over half a century. Our lab of local, vibrant, and young designers, in collaboration with international designers, aims to establish a contemporary, sophisticated look that emulates Scandinavian minimalism. While remaining environmentally-conscious by utilizing sustainable materials, our furniture remains relevant and timeless, and emanates the diversity of the young home owner – modern, ambitious and innovative.

Found Living Brand Image

FOUND LIVING seeks to offer the urban dweller products of simplistic elegance for interior living, while realizing their fullest potential in the outside world.

Committed to finding valuable inspiration for every product, down to the very materials used, FOUND LIVING marries stylish living and functionality seamlessly without compromising on the familiarity or amenity of home life. From the craftsmen table to your home, the elimination of unnecessary middleman costs also ensures that our exclusive and quality furniture remains available at accessible prices.

FOUND LIVING celebrates the life and soul of furniture with effervescent youth and savvy style, acting as a grounding escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living.



Professional Services

Our products will be brought into your home by a skilled delivery team on a pre-scheduled date, unpacked in the room of your choice and fully assembed.

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Best Prices

No middle man. Factory direct prices. All prices displayed are inclusive of GST

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Backed by 50 years of experience

Our products are manufactured by Koda Ltd which has 50 years of experience in producing quality furniture

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Healthier materials

We use Carb P2 grade MDF in our products for lower fomaldehyde omission.